L'Amour Fou reborn

Bar - L’Amour Fou is a café/bar. Have a drink reading a newspaper, sample one of our signature cocktails on a friday night out, surf the web or chat with our friendly bartender. Food - L’Amour Fou is the Brussels version of an American diner. We strive to offer the best burgers in town (we travelled the US to find the best burger recipe). We also have a selection of healthy salads and tasty fingerfoods to eat on your own, or to share with friends. All this in a cosy and hip athmosphere. Music - L’Amour Fou gives you the opportunity to discover each month between 20 to 30 vinyls (all styles). These records will be on sale in vinyl format (or in CD). And as music has to be a live experience as well, we will put on concerts and DJ sets to let you discover bands and up-and-coming artists. Exhibitions - L’Amour Fou is a cultural spot : art exhibitions changing every month, music for kids (one sunday per month), workshops, movies... Last but not least… Sharing - Love, Love and only Love.

L'Amour Fou Opening Night

Vidéo de la RéOuverture de l'Amour Fou le 26 novembre 2010

What you need to know

- We work with fresh products
- Our Burger Buns are homemade (video here)
- Our burger meat is grounded every morning
- Our fries are homemade
- We probably have the best homemade Banoffee Pie in Belgium
- Our fingerfood is homemade
- We organize brunch menus every sunday between 11am and 17pms
- We're open to suggestions regarding any artistic experience (exhibits, concerts, DJ sets, parties...)
- A birthday, a get together or any good reason to party, book our sound insulated room
- We organize a lot of different events. More info here


For full details on concerts & events


Organic boxes

Get your organic vegetables & fruit box every week @ l'Amour Fou.

More info here

Gin & Tonic

Did you know we also manage the bar next door (De Haus), only bar specialized in Gin & Tonic in Brussels