Ixelleirs and Bruxelloises have been hanging out at l’Amour Fou since 1984.

Today, it’s your local spot for sipping high quality cocktails and honest homemade burgers.

Cocktails & Mocktails

We’ve travelled through history to offer what made l’Amour Fou famous in the 80’s, a fancy and high class selection of cocktails. Due to high demand, we’re adding a nice selection of mocktails as well!

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They’re like the days of the week, the dwarfs in Snow White or the cardinal sins: they are the 7 burgers on the menu of l’Amour Fou.

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  • BolcalSon

    Rent our room at the back for a private event for goodbye parties, get togethers, birthdays, a divorce, a wedding, family reunions, or your special surprise party: starting at 11:30pm.

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  • Passionate Disc Jockeys

    On Fridays and Saturday, we welcome passionate vinyl lovers to share their collection with you. Great atmosphere, nice vibes. Come and enjoy a cocktail late at night with us!

  • Waiting for a free table

    Since April 1st, come without booking! If there is a small wait you can sip a drink next door at De Haus, our quality Gin Bar. We’ll come and get you when your table is ready.

Weekend Brunch

You’re crazy about it, and so are we. Come and enjoy our brunch on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays, between 11am and 5pm!

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On April 1st, there will be some changes at l’Amour Fou

  • We update our cocktails and add an extensive choice of mocktails.

  • The burger menu is also changing: six burgers carefully selected among our bestsellers. A seventh one, the Burger of the Week, is there to satisfy our most loyal customers.

  • L'amour Fou stays open every evening and also at noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’re now closed during the day from Monday to Thursday.

  • No more table reservations at l’Amour Fou starting April 1st. Except for groups of 8 people or more.
    (Groups, please book your table here)

  • We still accept CC’s (Visa & Mastercard) & meal vouchers. We apply a 2% fee. No Bancontact.